Liberty, a monumental new musical


Our play begins as Frederic Bartholdi puts the finishing touches on his magnificent “Liberty Enlightening the World”.  But before he sends her off to become the embodiment of the American dream, Liberty is transformed.  She embarks on her journey as an innocent young girl, carrying with her only the hope that she’ll become the iconic symbol that we know today.  No torch, no shackles, no crown.

 We watch as Liberty inspires Emma Lazarus to write The New Colossus, and Joseph Pulitzer to create The Pedestal Fund.  Her understanding of the American people grows as she encounters individuals from all walks of society – politicians, dockworkers, street urchins, fellow immigrants, freed slaves, and Native Americans.  Only then is she ready to embody their hopes and aspirations and   finally ascendto her place atop the pedestal.  She has fulfilled Bartholdi’s vision for her, and much more.

 In a poignant, but always entertaining 90 minutes, Liberty learns of our complicated history, and we are reminded of the unique and vibrant country that America is and always will be.

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LIBERTY is now available for licensing through Miracle or 2 Productions.

Cast album available at Broadway Records.

Liberty photos by Mark Shelby Perry